Additional benefits of Saver Plug - given to us by our clients:

The information below was volunteered by one of our clients that have been using Saver Plug for some time. This is their comments on the additional benefits of utilising this product. Sub Drilling: 

  1. Sub Drilling:
    Saver Plug is known to reduce sub drilling and in doing so is making the floor safer for mining personal. 
    Past: If we use one of our clients as our example. They were sub drilling 2m, the detonators placed at 1.7m, in the case of a misfire the detonator would be buried below the floor level, hence, a problem of the detonators being buried under the substrate, making it dangerous for mining personal.
    Using Saver Plug: Saver Plug reduces the sub drilling to 0.5m, the plug placed at 1m, when a misfire occurs the detonator is always above floor level. Hence making it much safer for mine personal, as the detonators are exposed.
  2. Stability of Wall:
    When using a 2m sub drill, the first 2m of rock on the rock face tends to be very unstable, and can cause possible falling of the wall face. 
    Using Saver Plug: Saver Plug reduces subdrilling to 0.5m this means there is only 0.5m of unstable rock when moving to the new bench.
    This is particularly important on high faces of 15m.

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